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for Startup, Digital Entrepreneurs, E-commerceSolopreneurs!

I’m a Virtual Assistant, and as your Top Assistant I support you and assist you remotely, using the most innovative Internet tools. I help you to optimize your time, to grow your Business and to be more productive. With my assistance I aim to lighten your workload and to help you delegating time-consuming tasks. Depending on what you need I’ll be your shadow or a discreet assistant. Problem solving, Online Visibility, accurate Accounts Bookkeeping, Support with Foreign Languages: AssistantTop Virtual Assistant can provide you all these services and much more!

What is a Virtual Assistant?


The Virtual Assistant profession is born in the 90’s in the USA and has progressively been getting more in demand throughout Europe and in the whole Business world. A Virtual Assistant is a Solopreneur, who supports the clients remotely, offering them the own experience and know-how and being always updated about Digital and Marketing innovations.

Nowadays In Italy many Companies, Top Manager, Solopreneurs, Digital Entrepreneurs, Startup, require and seek the professional services of a Virtual Assistant. The benefits: being more efficient, remaining focused on the most important tasks of its own business, reducing the costs, making use of the most innovative Internet tools, being more productive and increase the business.

How I can support your Business

All my services are provided in: Italian, English, German, French




  • Documents translation from and to: Italian, English, German, French
  • Products Listing in Italian, English, German, French
  • Web Copywriting in Italian, English, German, French
  • Text Proofreading in Italian, English, German, French



  • Orders, Invoices, Transport Documents, Expense reports
  • Cash Inflows and Outflows
  • Travel expenses Management



  • SEO Copywriting for Blog and Blog Management
  • SEO Copywriting for Webpages
  • Newsletters and Sales Letters Copywriting
  • Customized for Amazon: Listings with Keywords, Proofreading, Templates Copywriting



  • Top Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction in Italian, English, German, French
  • Top Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction on Amazon
  • Social Customer Care



  • Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin
  • Moderating Facebook- Twitter, Linkedin Pages
  • Support for Web Page Look & Feel
  • Creation and Management Linkedin Company Pages



  • Support for Business Plan
  • Support for Elevator Pitch
  • Support for CV Copywriting in: Italian, English, German, French
  • Power Point Presentations

The reasons why you should delegate your work to me


Working with a Virtual Assistant means a lot of advantages for you: for example saving money and getting a tailored service,
which responds to your effective needs.

Assitente virtuale


You will pay only for the single projects; there are no extra costs or fees! And the projects are customized upon your needs. So you know in advance the amount you spend!
Antonella Damiano Assitente virtuale


You can delegate to me several different tasks and saving time liaising only with one person! You can contact me both for a single project and for a long-term cooperation.
Antonella Damiano Assitente virtuale


I know very well Startups and I support them daily. Also, I’m a Solopreneur and I know very well the needs of running this kind of Business. A reliable assistant is what you need, while you focus on other important things!
Antonella Damiano Assitente virtuale


Working with a Virtual Assistant you will save time and money. I work remotely, but you can always track the time I need for my projects and check the working in progress. We can be in touch whenever you need, through Skype and many other tools, and discuss every single step of the work as I was there!

About me

Antonella Damiano

I’m Antonella Damiano and I’m a certified Virtual Assistant.

Once we start working together, I’ll be your Top Assistant, because I only aim the best for my customers and I want them to get to the TOP!  I consider customers’ needs as my priority!

I got a Master degree (Laurea) in Foreign Languages at the University of Pisa and I’m fluent, verbal and writing, in: English, German and French. For 13 years I’ve been working in SMEs. I have started as Sales Assistant and then I became Sales & Marketing Manager, both for national and international clients.

I always want to be updated about innovations and innovative tools: therefore, I never stop learning, especially when it comes to Marketing and Digital Marketing. I use my knowledge and my know-how to support your business. Some of my passions: Foreign Languages, Creative Content, Customer Satisfaction, Time Optimization and Productivity.
For many years I’ve been working in Relationships Marketing field and I’m a Customer Service Specialist on Amazon and for E-commerce Companies. If you want to deliver first-class Customer Service, you are in the right place!


I have had the pleasure of working with Antonella. She was nothing short of amazing, with her knowledge and skill set really set the company above their competitors. She expresses her passion, while helping clients, which is something that is quite rare. With her knowledge around the Italian fashion industry, she was only too happy to pass on this knowledge, provide advice or recommendations based on her experiences. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Antonella and her passion to provide a business solution to her clients. I highly recommend her. “

Andrew Portou, owner of Lizandez Fashion-Australia-

Antonella is an extra-ordinary human being. She knows how to communicate effectively, she is extremely accurate and punctual in what she does. I’m sure that every kind of Company and Solopreneur, who may cooperate with her, will be satisfied as I have been, working with her. Antonella’s work always comes from a deep research and shows all her engagement, so that the final product is always great. Antonella is able to evaluate a project and then to develop it, considering who will be the final user. If you are looking for a high-quality service, she is the right person for you and for your Company. Also, it is a pleasure to work with her: you will never feel alone, and she will be more than happy to give you useful advices: they have been very important for my work.

Emiliano Russo- Professional Photographer- Italia-

Antonella has helped me to successfully bring my work online, thanks to her skills in Digital Marketing. Antonella is much more than a Virtual Assistant: she is a passionate professional, who is able to exceed customer expectations. Cooperating with Antonella means you can really count on someone reliable and never feel alone!

Manuela Bortoluzzi- Career Coach- Owner of Soluzione Carriera- Italy

It is very easy to work with Antonella, nothing becomes a problem when Antonella is working with you. She is very professional, driven and friendly. She takes everything in her stride and is also very firm but fair when she needs to be. I very much miss working with Antonella. In my opinion she is an asset to any company she works with or for.

Jackie Guy One Luggage Ltd, UK, Director

It has been a pleasure to work with Antonella Damiano. In addition to being extremely reliable, Antonella has excellent communication skills and always ensured work gets completed and the “job was done”. Antonella Damiano would be a tremendous asset to any company and has my highest recommendation.

Federica Nassiri- President LeopardoBTQ- Canada

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Antonella. Her skills are clearly a reflection of her experience and passion, her dedication to exceed expectations of both private customers and business associates alike was faultless. Too often in business we forget the human touch, the feeling that someone is personally looking after you, but Antonella did not need reminding of this as we shared the same vision of what business relations should be about.

Rossano Cherubini – Owner of Retail Shoptilyoudrop- Norway

While cooperating with us, Antonella has thoroughly understood the product and the company. She always made sure that she understood exactly what was required when we contacted her. She then made sure that we got responses, and promptly. She managed to do this with great charm and good humour, meaning that it was always a pleasure to contact her!

Peter Younie, CEO- Cameron Peters Fine Lighting – Uk-

Antonella Damiano is a person of high ethical standards, honest, truthful, and with integrity. Her professionalism in marketing and e-commerce is top notch. From one shop, Zara & Zoe expanded her outlets to three shops. All thanks to her support, and marketing expertise! Antonella Damiano is one committed to achieving results. She understands the modern-day business model, which is reducing cost and maximizing profit. She is passionate about success, she is always willing to listen to clients and assist. I strongly recommend her services to any company that is looking at introducing new products into the market, implementing effective pricing strategies, and increasing turnover in goods and service delivery.

Hope Princewill – MD, Zara & Zoe Investment Limited- Nigeria –



For more info please contact me at

or fill in this form and I’ll reply to you within 48 hours

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