So you started your E-commerce business. You’ve invested a lot of money in your website, in advertising, in Social media etc.

Then you start having clients, receiving orders. But soon you start receiving claims too and  customers, who have bought once, don’t return on your E-commerce to buy again. Panic!!!

Which is the problem? The customer satisfaction.

It seems a really hard word, but actually customer satisfaction is simpler than we think.

How can you transform customers into happy customers?

Some simple steps to obtain customer satisfaction: Listengive advicesreply promptly, accept claims, be your best.

Customer satisfaction: feedback and top customer service

Listen to the customers means be aware of their feedback. Read carefully the reviews they leave on your web site, the E-mail you receive from them. Then ask yourself: which is the feedbackthey’re giving to me?

Are my shipments fast enough? Is my service reliable? Did I satisfy that client, who asked me advices? In the End ask yourself if you have been your best.

Listengive advicesreply promptly are things we should actually practice every day in our life.

In fact respect and patience are the keywords, not only for a good customers service, but also for successful human relationships!

Remember: the Business world is plenty of nice and good products. You, as person, can make the difference. So, don’t forget the human touch!!