Processes are very important to run a business more efficiently, especially when it comes to small and online businesses! And talking about time-consuming tasks, Content Marketing is one of those, who really sucks your time. Nevertheless Content Marketing is worth the effort and you don’t have to give up on creating a great Content Marketing Plan, only because you are too busy. Therefore, let’s see which are the duties involved in your Content Marketing strategy and how to improve the process, outsourcing most of the tasks.

Content Marketing Plan-Ideation

Finding new ideas for your Content Marketing Plan can be depressingly time-consuming. First of all some tools give a great support in content ideation:

  • Evernote is one of the best-known tools, which enables to save the content you like and you find inspiring, whilst reading it.

Reading articles and posts about the subjects you’re interested in, helps overcoming the Bloggers block and being more creative. And if you are looking for similar tips, you can have a look here: How to overcome Bloggers Block and to improve your writing. Once you’ve saved all the content, using Evernote, you can delegate the rest to your Virtual Assistant. You can ask for example to summarize the whole material, to search the appropriate keywords for your new content, to write down a bunch of titles for your next posts. Moreover, another great tool is:

  • Alltop, which helps to identify, which are the most popular articles about a topic and to develop a smart Content Marketing Plan

If you are working on a specific topic, this tool shows you dozens of sources from the best sites and blogs, in order to let you know what is happening out there and also to discover sources you didn’t know about. Virtual Assistants know how to use it, in order to speed up the consequent process of writing.

Promotion of your contents

Thanks to the above-mentioned tools and to the support of your VA, the process of creating your Content Marketing Plan has become faster and easier. Therefore, you have now a great content! However, this is useless, if you don’t promote it. Promoting is another time-consuming task. In this context, let’s see how you can save time and, simultaneously, improving your Marketing strategy.

  • Hootsuite is a must if you want to program and promote your Content Marketing Plan

Discuss this wit your VA, who can plan your posts on all your Social Media in few hours and can organize your work for many weeks.

  • Linkedin Pulse: you can promote yourself effectively using the Linkedin Blog

Your Virtual Assistant can wisely repurposing your best contents and publish them on Linkedin Pulse

  • Facebook and Linkedin Groups: writing in these groups gives you a great opportunity to get in touch with your target customers and with interesting people, you need to have in your professional network.

Delegate this task to your VA: it’s very important to frequently write in these groups and to see also how people interact and what’s happening. Outsourcing this to a Virtual Assistant will give you the best results, in terms of time saved and in increasing your reputation online.

Content Marketing Plan has never been easier and faster!

How do you organize your contents?