Are you struggling with bloggers block? Are you staring at the screen, but nothing is coming out? You’re not the only one, who has experienced this! And yes, it is frustrating! But relax and proceed reading and you can find some tips, that may help the words flow again.

Bloggers block: How to find inspiration

You know it well: when you start writing, the first thing you’re struggling with is the question: “what do I write?”. How to find inspiration? The lack of inspiration is generally one of the most frequent reasons for bloggers block. But the solution is simpler than you think: you can gain inspiration from many sources everyday. All the articles you read everyday can be a great source of new ideas. You can use some of the tools available to note and save your favourites articles, websites and posts. But please, don’t fall into the “Duplicate Content Trap”! Reading and listening to other’s contents can boost your creativity. For example you can start choosing a topic, which interests you a lot. After your research of appropriate material about that, you will feel an urge to write your own opinion, to communicate with your readers about that topic!

 You need to write often

I know, it sounds funny. If you are encountering bloggers block how can you write often? Just write the first words that come into your head: go ahead and finish your blog post. You’ll have time to read it again, to correct it and to use the power of SEO for your post.  You will see that if you write often, you will become every day more confident with writing.

Start from infographics

Readers love infographics. And like your readers you are also attracted by infographics, because they capture your attention, they are engaging and they help get information more quicly. Thus, instead of starting writing boring words, after have chosen your topic, create a nice and appealing infographic! The power of the visualized content will give you the right inspiration to write the content and you’ll overcome the bloggers block. 

A Virtual Assistant can help you overcoming bloggers blog

I know what you’re thinking: these tips may be not bad, but where to find the time to do all this? When you feel overwhelmed consider  to cooperate with a Virtual Assistant. Why a Virtual Assistant can help with bloggers block?

For example because:

  • the VA can research articles and material online, which is interesting for your audience.
  • talking with the VA on Skype about the selected topic can help you focussing and finding new ideas.
  • the VA can create some nice infographics for you. This is also a very time consuming activity and you can save time delegating this task, whilst you concentrate on the writing
  • the VA can help correct the post and care about SEO

These are just some tips! As a Virtual Assistant I’m often help my clients with blogging. And I learn a lot from my clients: sharing ideas make the final work better and more powerful.

Are you ready to try?